As technology becomes more accessible to the masses as well as an inevitable integration in the workplace. The thought comes to mind, ‘will we be replaced by robots?’. In short, yes, but it is not as simple as the movies portray. With the rapid improvement of AI, automation, and machine learning technology kicked off during the pandemic, the repetitive tasks at companies are being taken over. The reality is that this technology has less room for error as there is no fatigue nor no distractions. It eliminates all breaks and vacations, as well as human error. In a perfect world, AI could run seamlessly, however we all know that this new technology still has it’s kinks, so for the immediate future our jobs are safe.

Which industries are at a higher possibility to incorporate this AI technology?

We can expect to see more and more robots taking over lifting and picking jobs. For example at Amazon warehouses this is currently being implemented to expedite the picking and packaging process. Apart from repetitive manual labor, new machine learning and AI technology can be expected to help lawyers scan through pages of court cases to better assist a client’s case. In the medical field, the same type of technology can be implemented to help doctors go through medical research and patient medical records to quickly narrow down possible illnesses. In education, technology is a tool to improve the classroom experience. It also opens the possibility of bringing the real world inside the classroom, without leaving the comfort of your home.

At the same that jobs will be replaced, new jobs will be created as the demand for programmers, software developers, and AI technicians will need to be at the forefront of these technologies. At Talentus we are committed to provide data scientist expertise to help your company evolve to the next level. Contact us today and let our experts better assist you.