Building a team in 2022 leaves management with a decision to take, in-house or nearshore outsourcing. Each company’s answer will differ but ultimately, it comes down to how involved the company wants to be in the hiring and recruitment process. On one hand the process is completely handled by a third party. On the other hand taking full charge of the process allows recruiters to take a more personal approach when hiring.

What is In-House?

In-house recruitment is when a company has 100% control of the hiring process. The company creates the advertisement for the open position. Then has the internal HR team handle interviews and proceed with hiring when the right candidate has passed all the screenings. The advantage in-house recruitment has is that it shortens the length of time to hire a candidate. Also, the integration process is smoother and quicker as the new hire has some familiarity with the team.

Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing

There are two types of outsourcing, nearshore and offshore. Nearshore outsourcing allows the company to outsource the hiring process to a recruitment agency. That agency looks for talent in countries that are +/-2 hours from US time zones. Having this proximity opens a streamline channel of communication. Usually this type of outsourcing looks for talent that are strong English speakers and have experience working with US based companies. Hiring through nearshore outsourcing tends to be less expensive as to hiring in-house.

At Talentus we take the take guesswork out of recruiting. We are nearshore talent experts and can help connect talent from LATAM to US based companies. Our team of experts screen IT talent thoroughly and conduct several interviews to ensure that the candidate we present meets the profile requirements. Which recruitment form would you choose, in-house or nearshore outsourcing?