Going into the programming and developer field there are some must know programming languages that are sure to land you a job. Having the knowledge to work around these languages makes candidates competitive in a market that changes every day. There are 3 main languages that we will mention in this article.

What is a Programming Language?

First, before naming any languages, what is a programming language? To explain it easily it is a way for humans (programmers specifically) to communicate with computers. This is a set of instructions that are introduced to a program that are later carried out on the user end of a program.


First created back in 1995, JavaScript has risen to be the most used programming language as over 95% of websites use it. This language is cross-platform so it can be used to work with mobile, desktop and web. It is easy to learn and can be used everywhere on the web. Some JavaScript developers earn up to $100,000 annually.


A quickly growing programming language because of the ease to learn, Python is a free, open-source language. It is backed by a large community which helps the language grow and stay relevant in today’s tech applications. Python is primarily used for machine learning and deep learning applications. Some applications include video games, videos, education, and the business world. Finally, Python developers can make upwards of $100,000 annually.


A Microsoft product, C# gained popularity in the 2000s. Furthermore, C# is the most used programing language for .NET framework. You may use C# on applications for Windows, Android, and iOS since it uses Microsoft Visual C++. Also, C# is found on the backend of websites like Visual Studio. An expert in C# can make around $100,000 annually. This language is easy to use, scalable, open sourced and very fast.

After reading about these 3 programming languages, which would you like to learn? Is there any must know programming language that you would include? Find out more about Talentus and follow our Instagram page.