Since the lockdowns of 2020, it feels like every time you open social media there are more videos and pictures of trendy home office setups. These aesthetically pleasing workspaces have proven that you can make anything cool and pick up steam through social media. From luxurious noise cancelling headphones to custom mechanical keyboards that produce a specific sound when striking the keys. Humans are meant to express themselves in every moment of life. Working at a boring cubicle for 8 hours just seems unnatural. So, let’s go over some of the trendier upgrades you can give your home office space to just be that little bit more productive.

A chair worthy of sitting in

The first, in my opinion should be an office chair. Whether you are gaming or programming, an office chair can be both visually pleasing but most importantly ergonomically safe. Office chairs start off less than a hundred dollars, but if you are like me and need to be at the desk for extended periods of times, it goes without saying that spending a few extra bucks to get back and arm support will pay off in the long run. There are companies that transform racing seats into office chairs just like there are the typical white-collar chairs. Find your happy median that suits both your needs and your lifestyle.

Dimly lit?

The next biggest upgrade that you’ll come across is lighting. Being in front of a computer all day can easily dry out your eyes. If you are in a dark room or are more productive at night, it is vital to invest in well balanced lighting. Useful lighting and decorative lighting are very different, make sure you are investing in lighting that will help your eyes adjust to screens not just some cool color changing LEDs.

Your visual workspace

Speaking of screens, the next item on our list is that monitors. Just like with the chairs, find out what you need as a monitor. Are you a designer or photo editor that needs high resolution and great color contrast? Are you looking for a bigger visual space? Do you need to separate the work groups? Monitors can be expensive, but the right monitor setup can make switching through tasks a breeze.


To keep the list brief, accessories like I mentioned in the first paragraph, there are other items you can invest in. an ergonomic mouse to help prevent wrist fatigue is a great start. There are also keyboards that help make typing feel much more natural. Some people work better with music or audio playing in the background, would you invest in headphones or a high-quality speaker? Once you start putting together your needs and wants and budget within reasonable spending you too can have your own office set up that makes you feel more at home when you’re working.

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